Alone Time….

alone time day 1

Men are better at this then woman. They know just how to compartmentalize taking care of them-selves while having little to no guilt in self nurturing. I find giving myself alone time is much easier said than done. Recently, I took myself to lunch and it felt somewhat awkward. When I thought about where I wanted to go I realized I couldn’t easily answer, I was so use to just going where others wanted to go.  When asked how many I replied with a “it’s just me” response. I clung to my phone at first to easy the nervousness I felt.  I wasn’t use to being alone physically or not interacting with someone. I wasn’t use to being with myself and my thoughts or desires.

Once I shook off the silly awkwardness and embraced my alone time, I noticed that my body and mind started to decompress. I wondered how long I had been walking around with my tense shoulders and neck. How long has it been since I quieted my high octane pace and relished in being fully in the moment I was experiencing instead of checking it off the list while my brain was already thinking of what was next?

With my phone put away, a yummy vanilla port, my sandwich and pen, ideas and thoughts poured out of me on to the paper. It was the best and most creatively charged hour in my day. I loved being my own best friend. Men are definitely spot on with this one and I think it’s time I started taking a cue from their playbook from now on….



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