4 no gym needed workouts

  At times, I feel as though it is okay to put exercise on the back burner for work friends or just about anything else.  I also just don’t have the same obsession or social community with the new gym I am currently a member at. In this phase of my life I want my […]

Relaxed work

Some offices have a dot.com type of dress code where jeans and flip flops dominate. I have had the privileged of working in one with that relaxed feel, but I always felt like it didn’t send the trusted professional vibe that fits me best. I also think that if you are under dressing then your […]

Sending Summer out with a Bang –

  This year summer is technically over on September 21st. I don’t know about you but I fully in tend on sending Summer out with a bang. A few items on my end of summer bucket list include. Listen to live music outside Have a picnic Stargazing with Josh Wear more dresses and flip flops Make homemade […]

Sneaking off….

Having Fridays off is great. Lately, I seem to be jamming errands, helping family, and random tedious tasks into those days until they are filled up. Not this Friday. This Friday I am sneaking off….. I am still going to be productive but I am going to do so by the pool, solo. Here are […]