5 things to use as motivation for consistent workouts


Staying on track or getting started with your exercise routine can be challenging and at times boring. Here are a few things that I use to keep motivated with working out and eating healthy.

A big Hairy Audacious Goal – This is the goal that is realistic but not so easy to attain. For instance it could be running a 5k, entering a bikini competition, Triathlons, bike race competition, a photo shoot, getting married etc. The important part is that it is your goal, measurable, specific, and in writing. This keeps you working for a goal, having something to look forward to, and more likely to workout when you don’t necessarily want to.

Get a buddy or a trainer – this is where being accountable comes in to play. You miss less workouts when you have any other person to admit you are flaking out on. If a personal trainer is not affordable then going the buddy system route is a great option. Don’t have a buddy or spouse? Start a meet up group, an online group in facebook, or start a group at work. The important part is to feel accountable to yourself and to an outside source of support to help you push through less then motivated days.

Selfies – I know, I know but hear me out on this one. Taking pictures of you fitness progress is a way to visualize your results and see how far you have come. It is also a way to see if you are working as hard as you thought as well. So don’t be afraid to take some selfies of how things are progressing, just not be crazy and post them in a way that is offensive or annoying to anyone.

Inspiration board – Another fun way is to surround yourself with inspiration. Posting pictures of my goal and quotes that help keep me in a focused mindset made a huge impact on the days I wasn’t in the mood for the gym. I also would add them to my screen savers, wallpapers, and my bathroom mirror. This kept my goal in the front of my brain and when I was tempted to go off track I could really see the opportunity of success that I was giving up if I made an impulsive poor choice.

Gear – I embraced the excitement of rewarding myself for hitting mini-goals inside my BHAG. It is fun to get a cool headband or shirt with a fun saying on it. I looked forward to getting the chance to wear it and feel good walking into my workout. This can be done with a new song for your playlist, a new water bottle, socks, anything really. Lets say you really want to see a new movie that is out or a exhibit at a local museum, your reward can be anything you want as long as it doesn’t push your progress backwards. For example, making your goal weight for this week shouldn’t mean eating a boat load of junk food. Indulging should be in moderation not a reward for keeping a goal. Let go of the thought of earning a piece of cake and know that if you make a choice to indulge it is okay in moderation. A reward should be a symbol of the hard work you put in to meet the goal. Why do you think that Olympic athletes are given metals? It is a physical representation of excellence and you and your excellence are no different so treat it as such.


4 no gym needed workouts


At times, I feel as though it is okay to put exercise on the back burner for work friends or just about anything else.  I also just don’t have the same obsession or social community with the new gym I am currently a member at. In this phase of my life I want my exercise to be something I can look forward to each time. So I looked at some fun classes offered and put them on my roster and found a couple quickie home workouts to try as well. Below is some on my favorites that I found to add to Loft 83 inspiration board on pinterest. Enjoy!

total body home workout workout for limited spacecardio interval workoutsexy leg workout 2

Money Monday – Retail deals, Rebates, and Second Hand finds


A couple of other ways I score fabulous finds is by shopping clearance racks in clothing stores, cashing on apps like Ibotta and coupon 51, and buying second hand.

As Heidi Klum says “In fashion one day you are in and the next day you are out”.  If the price of that awesome item is going to be reduced in a few days, weeks, etc then by god I will wait. Now I won’t pretend that I always find what I want every time a sale happens and I am ok with that because I know that I will find something else I adore and I value not blowing my financial goals over a sweater.

Where are the clearance racks you ask? Well they are strategically placed in the back of the store to make you walk through all the new items. For example Abercrombie and Fitch has a whole room in the back of the store. Macy’s is tucked in the back corners of each department. Dillard’s puts them in corners or hiding by escalators. These precious gems are not well marked most days unless they are really trying to move inventory. Victoria Secret does semi annuals in January and June usually and some stores have a small pre-sale to kick it off. Express and Limited are similar because they use to be owned by the same company at one point. The key to these sale mother loads is one to save up for a trip and to hold out until items are at 50% to 75% off.  Stores often have a product packaging change and will deeply discount items that will be discontinued in that packaging so keep your eyes peeled and a little cash set aside in your blow money to take advantage of these deals.

On to apps! I just downloaded Ibotta and coupon 51. These apps give me rebates on all sorts of items and stores. All I have to do is unlock the rebate I want, scan my receipt and item purchased and cash is deposited in my account!! It’s that easy! Here is an example – found a 20% off coupon for Macy’s used it on clearance items and in store deals, then got a rebate on Ibotta for $10.

One of the items I scored big on was this Blazer shown below. The original retail was $58.00. I picked it up on clearance at 4.98, added 20% off at the register on my total purchase and also got $10 back by Ibotta, which makes may blazer FREE!!! Even the cashier high five’d me on this one!

material girl blazermaterial girl cavier black blazer

On to second hand deals. Remember when you use to swap clothes with your friends? Some of my friends and I still do it to this day. I look at second hand stores like Plato’s closet, Goodwill, My Best Friends Closet, ARC, and XS Thread’s as a way of going to a yard sale or getting something from a friend and compensating them.

I couldn’t tell you how many things I have gotten from second hand stores and tweaked, painted or just updated and then boom my house looks great! If you are worried about what your friends might think keep in mind once you pull the tag off there is no way of telling where or when you bought an item. Just the other day I picked up a great wicker basket from Pottery Barn with the original tags still on it, a cute summer dress from Apt 9, Miss Me jeans, and a Thermal stainless steel coffee pot for less than $20. One of my best finds happened last week when I grabbed a David’s Bridal dress for $30 and posted it for resale at over $200!!


When shopping second hand I look for a good clean condition, easy to update if needed, fair price, and is it on clearance? Yes, second hand stores need to move inventory as well and will have the same strategies as the big box stores so don’t let your deal hunting game be bamboozled here either!

It doesn’t take a lot to get great deals, just shop smart, compare prices, and don’t impulse buy. I hope you enjoyed this Money Monday and look forward to seeing you next time!

Relaxed work

casual sweater and grey tailored pantscasual white blouse with blue pants and neutral accessoriescreme blazer with black piping and jeansdenum top with long pleated skirt

Some offices have a dot.com type of dress code where jeans and flip flops dominate. I have had the privileged of working in one with that relaxed feel, but I always felt like it didn’t send the trusted professional vibe that fits me best. I also think that if you are under dressing then your performance shifts from Gung ho to just so. So I came up with a few options for those who want to embrace the relaxed dress code and still keep a sophisticated and professional feel at the office.

Sending Summer out with a Bang –


This year summer is technically over on September 21st. I don’t know about you but I fully in tend on sending Summer out with a bang. A few items on my end of summer bucket list include.

Listen to live music outside

redrock concertjpg

Have a picnic

picnic with cheese and fruit plate

Stargazing with Josh

stargazing couple

Wear more dresses and flip flops

blue maxi dress with hat and canvas bag

Make homemade ice cream or Popsicle

strawberry popciles

Go golfing

golf ball and heart shaped tee

Go to the Farmers market

farmers market

Have a water balloon fight

water balloons in grass

Take 15 photos of my friends and family

best friends underwater pool picture family photo of feet family photo with baby

Paint a picture

tree painting on multiple canvases

Play hide and go seek

hide and seek

Watch the sunrise or sunset

sunset in the mountains with flowers

Indulge in Restaurant week

restaurant patio dining

Donate old clutter and clothes


Money Monday – coupons a fun way to save

coupons and scissors

I love to shop.

I mean like addiction type of love.

When the time comes to buckle down and save for my emergency fund, a special purchase, Christmas gifts, or a large purchase I try to find ways to spend less even on the things I already have in my budget. One way of doing it is to clip coupons. By no means am I going to be on “Extreme couponing” but I am proud when I save 50% or more on my household monthly shopping.

Here is how I coupon.

First things first I got a binder to put all my coupons, weekly adds, price lists, and supplies in. I love being organized and efficient so this binder is my go to. I actually had fun putting it together and embraced the process in a paced way. I picked a fun binder, made labels and a table of contents.

Next, I learned the lingo and the fine print of coupon policy and manufacture coupons. When I felt like I had a good understanding of the rules I picked up a newspaper and found internet coupons at coupons.com.  Then I looked at matching up a few items I wanted to buy. I picked three found out which of my two local stores was selling it the cheapest and then gave my coupon at the register. I carried a coupon that was for a dollar off and my local Safeway had the item on sale for 99 cents, making the item free!!!

Awesome right?

I didn’t get overwhelmed and just took it a couple items at a time. Now I buy two to three papers and I am well on my way to saving, savings, and savings.

I also started to change the way I looked at what I was buying. Instead of running to the store every week mindlessly, I started using more of what I have and buying when the price was right. One of the coolest by products about couponing is that I started to discover my pantry and learn more about cooking in general.

Couponing is something I would recommend to anyone even slightly interested and remember to keep it fun and embrace each part in your own way.

Sneaking off….

women poolside chic with floppy hat

Having Fridays off is great. Lately, I seem to be jamming errands, helping family, and random tedious tasks into those days until they are filled up.

Not this Friday.

This Friday I am sneaking off…..

I am still going to be productive but I am going to do so by the pool, solo. Here are a few items on my list to wear, eat and do while I am there.

  • Blog and work on next quarter business goals
  • Catch up my reading list
  • Take a few IRS tax classes for continuing education
  • Eat some fun portable snacks and items I can grill on the poolside grill
  • Nap and relax
  • Hydrate with lemon water
  • Do a few laps
  • Apply sunscreen, wear a fun bikini and cover up, pack the ipad, towels, music etc


It feels exciting to have this little solo rendezvous planned. Like it’s my own little secret and I am taking charge of my time and work on my terms.

fruit infused water chicken pineapple avacad saladpool side drink book and spfjpgipad kindle fire sunglasses iphone barefeetmonogramed beach towelpool diving board swimwear cover upwhite and grey striped bikini

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