Money Monday – coupons a fun way to save

coupons and scissors

I love to shop.

I mean like addiction type of love.

When the time comes to buckle down and save for my emergency fund, a special purchase, Christmas gifts, or a large purchase I try to find ways to spend less even on the things I already have in my budget. One way of doing it is to clip coupons. By no means am I going to be on “Extreme couponing” but I am proud when I save 50% or more on my household monthly shopping.

Here is how I coupon.

First things first I got a binder to put all my coupons, weekly adds, price lists, and supplies in. I love being organized and efficient so this binder is my go to. I actually had fun putting it together and embraced the process in a paced way. I picked a fun binder, made labels and a table of contents.

Next, I learned the lingo and the fine print of coupon policy and manufacture coupons. When I felt like I had a good understanding of the rules I picked up a newspaper and found internet coupons at  Then I looked at matching up a few items I wanted to buy. I picked three found out which of my two local stores was selling it the cheapest and then gave my coupon at the register. I carried a coupon that was for a dollar off and my local Safeway had the item on sale for 99 cents, making the item free!!!

Awesome right?

I didn’t get overwhelmed and just took it a couple items at a time. Now I buy two to three papers and I am well on my way to saving, savings, and savings.

I also started to change the way I looked at what I was buying. Instead of running to the store every week mindlessly, I started using more of what I have and buying when the price was right. One of the coolest by products about couponing is that I started to discover my pantry and learn more about cooking in general.

Couponing is something I would recommend to anyone even slightly interested and remember to keep it fun and embrace each part in your own way.


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