Sneaking off….

women poolside chic with floppy hat

Having Fridays off is great. Lately, I seem to be jamming errands, helping family, and random tedious tasks into those days until they are filled up.

Not this Friday.

This Friday I am sneaking off…..

I am still going to be productive but I am going to do so by the pool, solo. Here are a few items on my list to wear, eat and do while I am there.

  • Blog and work on next quarter business goals
  • Catch up my reading list
  • Take a few IRS tax classes for continuing education
  • Eat some fun portable snacks and items I can grill on the poolside grill
  • Nap and relax
  • Hydrate with lemon water
  • Do a few laps
  • Apply sunscreen, wear a fun bikini and cover up, pack the ipad, towels, music etc


It feels exciting to have this little solo rendezvous planned. Like it’s my own little secret and I am taking charge of my time and work on my terms.

fruit infused water chicken pineapple avacad saladpool side drink book and spfjpgipad kindle fire sunglasses iphone barefeetmonogramed beach towelpool diving board swimwear cover upwhite and grey striped bikini


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