Star Lite Star bright….

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(For a professional looking pop of color)

It is no secret that the neon colors we loved in the 80’s are back in full swing. In the 80’s we had Madonna, side ponies, teased hair, rolled up jeans with scrunched socks, and slap bands. Don’t get me wrong when you are 12 this seems all normal but not at 31. What was I to do?  I wanted to rock some of these bold beauties in the here and now.  I decided it was time to do some recon. These are a few of the best looks I used to get inspired and pump up the color in my closet from work to everyday.



1a0639b79a401f0a84833f5876c08f17 1e54f24b9ad6870ceb3b31dd5ca1b7f7 49e219765fd57186bdfd4ba9c6cbfe50 3071eeab9f628016dea460203975bce9 3472f2133d4d1948c48bd5fee07e0366 8443a8870cca9790cece53edc81e524b 31336631d8700708e07ade3db77788c3 b9529b2ea22146ff339821d52fb2eedf beec6943a7ef4c044c74946d67af0e4e fed80a305d5e62e93dca6a37e554510f


(Casual Friday and after hours)

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(Full on bold for a fun summer night)


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