Lifecode by Dr.Phil


When I started Loft83 I wanted to move my life forward in a way that was both meaningful and specific to what my dreams are. Being the nerd I am, I looked at different individuals and books for guidance on how to carve out a path that is uniquely mine and is successful.

Dr.Phil’s new book Lifecode is a must read!!! I got the kindle edition and burned through it in less then a week. Lifecode gives it to you straight about taking the right attitude toward life, cutting loose on the ones who are sucking you dry, and creating your own life playbook.

A few of my personal favorites in this book are:

-Life is a game be a player or get played.

-The Baiter secret playbook and how to spot and defeat them.

-Lifecode playbook

-Negotiating the non-negotiable

This book is for anyone really looking to make a change and start winning with life on their terms. Pick it up today and make sure to give me your thoughts I would love to see your perspective on your new lifecode!!


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