Fourth of July fun


It is hard for me to think that it is July already! Not only do I appreciate the national importance of Fourth of July, I also feel like it marks the midway point of summer. The perfect mix of BBQ’s, friends, family, and great firework shows. This year I hope you are continuing long held traditions, starting new traditions to pass on,  and embracing your own independent side. Since, this year falls on fashion Friday I thought I would share everything I find fun on how to enjoy Fourth of July backyard BBQ style. I hope you enjoy!



invite 1 invite 2 invite 3 invite 4


I really liked how easily these invitations could be customized with the switch of a few words to fit the details of the party.


bbq outfit 1 bbq outfit 2 bbq outfit 3 bbq outfit 4 bbq outfit 5 bbq outfit 6 bbq outfit 7 bbq outfit 8 bbq outfit 10

Casual elements puts you in the relaxed mood and gets you ready for some backyard treats and games.


chalk board menu bbq mmm watermelon sangria how to


I always pull out my favorite receipes and then build a menu from there.

popcorn stand salad sangria setup for food bbq toppings tray utencilsbbq decor blankets lights in wood wheel barral beer


The whole point of a party or BBQ is to enjoy the guests and give them a great experience. So I try and take simple elements and add some creativity to them. You would be suprised how putting yourself in the guests shoes can give you those fun details that everyone loves. I also give myself time to plan and prepare ahead of time so that the process is fun to me and I can ease into the celebration with the best mood. I also try and make clean up super easy and convienent for everyone. By the time the guests arrive I am more excited about them and sharing that if something is not perfect I just see it as a happy accident. 🙂



games sign peg game  cornholering toss slip and slide twisterpotato sack2

Nothing is better then tapping into your inner child with your favorite childhood games.




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