Time flies when you are wearing something fun…


I think deep down I have always loved watches. The construction is of them is pure genius in my eyes. I am inspired by all the artistic expression they have and how they quietly deliver at any given moment year after year. My favorite trend lately is pairing a watch with bracelets. Here are some combinations I have added to my must wear list.


2cec69e8bade20e2b9843e3277c0aecd 7a13ae0f22ef92d0fbae3c92d28ad6a6 76ae1be6927ec110c6bb4395bd9fae59 77b2d9b32090d810214caa084b986c97 6236490d6389babdb9403c855f83e797 8109976d2174dd082ff987a6e61bfaf0 a8fdc71c0a2753779a777fd009f11216 cd5b0e9557ed1f39262ea0900b496fdf f7d546ff3a2a130e5c90d9282c0be003 f6239c2777c60eed3beb400564adfe50 f69325b9d647f315646060345e4f579b


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