Money Monday Series Kick Off!

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Welcome to our Money Monday Series!!

Today’s Topic : Budgets

Everyone has heard the word budget, but what does it really mean? A budget is an estimate of expected income and expense for a specified period.  I know it sounds pretty dry, but let’s look at the benefits of budgeting and give you a few tips to get started.

Budget Benefits:

You get cool points. A budget is place for you to put your financial life in an easy to see format.  Have you ever looked at your bank account and wondered where all the money went? With a budget you are in the know about your finances, giving you cool points for being financially savvy.

Peace of mind. Once you get the hang of budgeting its smooth sailing with money and frees up your mind and reduces stress by keeping you organized and proactive financially.

It is a life jacket for your marriage. One of the biggest causes for divorce is money fights. With a budget you and your honey are on the same page at all times and become unified with your money.

Give your dreams steam. Once you look at the financial part of your dreams you start to naturally reduce spontaneous spending and get real on working towards those dreams. A budget can help you realize that your dreams are pretty attainable from a financial perspective if you are willing to save, budget, and get intensely focused on what you really want.

So where do you get started on creating a budget?

You can start by writing down one column for expenses and one for income and only spend funds on the items listed in the expenses column.

My favorite templates are on and under templates. Just make sure that you can adjust the categories to meet your needs and look at the last few bank statements to get an idea of your regular expenses.

I recommend putting savings first, adding some room for fun money and use cash as often as possible. Yes I said fun money, this can help you stay on track and not pull money out of another area in the budget.  Cash is a great tool because you really feel the sting of what you are spending and you can’t go over the allotted amount you have.

I hope this helps you get started towards creating your best financial life! If you have more questions on budgets or other financial questions let me know at


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2 thoughts on “Money Monday Series Kick Off!

  1. Another great tool is software called Mint. They have a mobile app as well as a full website: They help you budget by breaking down each expense into subcategories like rent/mortgage, fees, auto/parking expenses, and taxes

    • Thanks for the added tool. I have heard good things about mint but have not used it much personally so I didn’t feel right listing it as a personally recommended option.

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