Why not have a four day work week?


One thing that really works for me is a four day work week. I feel like I get the right balance of leisurely time to pursue interests and focused work. Recently, I was on a schedule of 5 eight hour days and hating it. It’s just not me. A lot of the time we feel like we may not have control of our work lives because we are not the owner or boss. I don’t agree with that. I think that most employers want to work with a team that takes ownership of their work. With that said I decided I was going to do something no one in my office was doing. I asked for a schedule change. A four day work week. I indicated that I wanted the schedule because meeting our teams needs and personal/career development are both  important to me. The four day work week could give to us both. I got the thumbs up and now I am off to have a long weekend at Lake Mcconaughy. Both the team and myself get what we need. The shorter work week pushes me to really focus on deadlines and fully embody the weekend without any guilt or worry because of time missed.  If something in your work life isn’t working don’t be afraid to step outside of the status quo and create a resolution that is mutually beneficial. Most people settle and stay in the box. Don’t be that person. Be the person that is the leader of their work life and gives the best to what they create and put their name on.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!



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