3 Ways to be consistent with anything…

consistency pic

Consistency occurs all around us. Consistency is that coffee pot that brews the first beloved cup of coffee every morning. The sunset and sunrise that always seem majestic.

Consistency is hard but painfully simple. Why talk about consistency? Well, because it is a key ingredient to success.

One goal that I achieved was to compete in a fitness completion. Each day I followed a specific nutrition and training plan. I had days when being consistent was a breeze and days when I struggled to get through a workout or drink my protein shakes. Victory came when I placed 8th on my first try with only 12 weeks of training under my belt. The largest factor in that success was consistently reaching towards my goal day by day.

Consistency isn’t about always being perfect or even motivated. Consistency is about doing something regularly. When you have a strategy and consistently take action you will improve, grow and evolve as a person.

Here are three ways to help you be more consistent.

The first step is to find out where you stand.

How could adding more consistency change my life and my goals?

What part of my goal am I the least consistent? And why?

What obstacles, people, temptations etc are getting in the way of my consistency?

Step Two is to commit to an action, track it, and add a little fun to it.

Step Three is to eliminate the distractions that keep you from being consistent. If you can’t eliminate an obstacle then find a way to work with it.


I below is a PDF of the Strategy Sheet I use to get consistent with any of my goals. If you like it Post a comment below, on facebook or pinterest and please share.

Strategy sheet




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