5 ways to keep from over packing on your next trip….

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I usually pack more then I will need on a trip. My biggest lesson came when I traveled to Australia a few years ago. I lugged my baby whale sized luggage through five different airports. From that trip on I have since decided less is more, especially when traveling.

Here are five things I use to reduce the bulk of my luggage when traveling.

1.) Check the weather. Knowing what to expect weather-wise on a trip will save you from packing those “just in case” items. I also check to see if a blow dry and extra shampoo/conditioner can be added to my room.

2.) Pack one item to sleep in. I have one sleeping shirt or a pair of pajama bottoms on short trips. I usually wear tops that are comfortable to sleep in so one pair of bottoms works great in the colder months. In the summers a shirt or going in my birthday suit is all I need.

3.) Dresses and leggings. These two items are light weight and easy to pack. I love that I can look pulled together with little effort. These two items work great for business trips and traveling through the airport. With dresses I look for fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily and hang them as soon as I check in to my hotel. Leggings and a pair of flat boots are my go to’s when I need to be comfortable but still chic.

4.) Limit your shoe options. I bring two pairs of shoes maybe three if it’s flip flops or ballot flats. Shoes take up so much room in your luggage and have to be covered so you don’t dirty any clothes. I usually bag them in a large zip lock bag and pack them on the sides near the frame of my suitcase. My outfits are designed around them as well.

5.) Use the KISS theory for your make up bag. Keep It Simple Silly. I bring an eye shadow pallet that is small, two lip colors, concealer, mascara, eyelash curler and eyeliner. My strategy is to find more the one way to wear the colors in the pallet and use my concealer with one lip color/gloss to create a nude lip. This makes it easy to carry my make up in my purse instead of luggage and getting ready is five minutes!! 10 if I bring eyelashes or an eyelash curler.

Traveling is about seeing and experiencing new places. These tips will keep you focused on the fun without the added stress of over packing. The items you don’t bring will be there when you get back. You may even like the simplified way of being and clean some of it out when you get back. I know I did.

Happy Travels 🙂



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