sunrise on the porch

Currently, I have been working on a new website to retail women’s swimwear along with some other business ventures. One of the most common emotions that I feel on a regular basis in being an entrepreneur is fear. One is a fear of failure, the other is a fear of success.  When I perceive the potential of  my work, ideas etc being rejected then embarrassment, self-doubt and complete lack of confidence creep in. I instinctively retreat. I head back to the editing table in hopes to find something that will punch the fear of failure in the face.

When I perceive the potential of being accountable to customers, industry peers, and the enormous lists of tasks needed to create success, I wither. My insides feel like they are drying up and all I want to do is fall in to a long coma like slumber.

Instead of trying to never feel fear or to retreat and hide from it, I wrote this post. I know fear will be here sitting on my desk tomorrow. Today, I asked fear to dance and today it made all the difference in the world.

What are your fears? are you using them to help you progress or hold you back?


– Michelle


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